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Squaring The Clubface - Discussing How The Club Face Compares to the Path

Getting the club to point in the general direction of the target is not always as easy at it seems. There are three ways to do it. Rotate the club around the shaft like a screwdriver (gamma). Raise or lower the handle compared to the club (beta). Move the club within the plane (alpha).

All golfers use a combination of these movements, but good ball strikers rely on early screwdriver movement (which we call the motorcycle). This allows you to create lag and power but not have the face open. Most slicers have the face open, and then have to use the whole shaft to square the face, but results in a very leftward path of the club. Understanding this key concept could help you unlock why you swing the way that you do.

Playlists: Fix Your Flip, Squaring The Club Face Explained, Fix Your Chicken Wing (Bent Arm @ Impact), Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Fundamentals, Not Straight Enough, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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