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High Level Of The Slice

A slice is created by a large difference in the face-to-path relationship. For a right handed golfer, the path is more to the left than where the face points at impact. To solve this pattern, you will need to move the path more to the right and close the face to the path. The path fix tends to open the face, so it is usually a best practice to work on learning to close the face with shaft rotation before trying to fix the path. 

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In this video we're going to look at the high level of the slice and what's a logical

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progression that we need to make.

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So everybody's slice is going to be a little bit different but I want you to see kind of

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the general recipe that I tend to use with golfers if their main goal is getting rid of

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their slice, hitting them all a little further.

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This recipe tends to work pretty well.

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So with a slice you've got here's kind of a, let's put target line on this little drawing.

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So we've got a target line like this.

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To hit a slice the club face is pointing slightly left of the target line so kind of in

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that direction over there.

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This is probably closer there.

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And then the path is going down this way.

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So the difference between those two is going to create the amount of slice curve just

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like that.

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So to fix the slice we have to get to here where basically the path is going more in line

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with the target and the club face is slightly closed which will produce a little bit of

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drawsment or if you want to keep it basically we have to get the path in the face a lot

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closer like it is down here in this model.

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But in order to do that what would have to happen is there's a face to path relationship

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and there's a path relationship.

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I would have to change both of those in order to jump from here all the way down to here.

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So a normal natural step or the progression that I like is first thing we're going to do

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is we're going to get the face to path relationship the same.

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So when you're doing this the only thing you should be monitoring is the amount of curve.

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Anything where the ball curves off this way off to the right for a right hand to golfer

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that is going to be a missed opportunity or a bad shot.

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Even if it's just slight we're trying to work on our face to path relationship.

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So we're going to hit a lot of poles and pull draws while we're working in this face.

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But then what you do is you've learned how to hit a pole and a pole draw.

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Now we can add some of the shallowing movements to then get the path going more in the direction

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of the target with this better face to path relationship.

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It's one, two, three kind of approach tends to work really well for most people.

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We'll break it down a little bit more while I go through the demos of some of the things

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that you might want to watch out for.

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But this is your overall recipe for the steps in fixing your slice.

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So walking through that progression of what the drills are designed to accomplish here

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from the down the line view.

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Down the line will be the easiest way to see some of these path things for fixing the slice.

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So overall we're trying to get the club to kind of swing more along this way with a face

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that is somewhat closed to the path.

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So it'll end up kind of looking like that.

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If you're struggling with the slice then what it means is the overall shape of your circle

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is going more this way.

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And the face is staying relatively open to that path which is causing the ball to spin over

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that way.

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So the normal progression is step one would be working on getting the club to close.

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Now if you're coming outside to in like this you will tend to be coming in more of a

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high to lower steep fashion.

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So if you just close the face what can happen is the club will just slam into the ground.

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That's okay.

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Do that a few times.

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And then what you'll have to do is now I've got a face that looks like this.

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Now I have to change the whole hoop so that it just kind of brushes the ground and

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the shallowes out that way instead of shallowing it out with the club face movement

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like so.

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So step one get the club face close to the path.

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You'll end up hitting a bunch of shots that start way over there and go way over there.

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But then now you know how to close the face to the path with things like the motorcycle.

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Now you can start to do movements that will adjust the path now that you have a good

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face to path relationship which will get the ball to start more straight.

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So that's the normal slice recipe which is you go from outside in kind of like this to

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now still outside in but with a better club face so hitting poles to then better club

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face and changing the path.

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That's the easiest recipe for figuring out your slice so you can use down the line camera

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to see if the face is really open here or where the path is and that can help you figure

00:04:34,000 --> 00:04:37,000
out where you are in that process.

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So I still need to work on getting the face closed.

00:04:39,000 --> 00:04:44,000
Do I still need to work on the path where am I and then choose some of the drills in this

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section that can help you either close the face or move the path.

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