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Plugged Lie - Bunker

Their are two typical ways to get out of the plugged lie. We are going to refer to them as the easy way, and the hard way. In both cases, the club needs to get under the ball. If you had a normal path and the club went under the ball, it would have to travel through so much sand that it would take a lot of speed and energy. As a result, we tend to hit the shot with a much more steep angle of attack with both the easy and the hard method.

Easy Method - Close the clubface and hit straight down on the back of the ball. The club will get under the ball, because the closed face exposes the dig side of the club head, but the ball will pop out very low and with no spin. Expect this shot to run a fair amount when it hits the green.

Hard Method - Open the clubface as you do in a normal bunker shot. But we still need to get a steep angle of attack and the club head under the ball, so lean into the forward leg and swing the club nearly straight up and down. Expect the ball to come out a little higher, but still with no spin. The added height will help the shot stop sooner than the easy method. Use this method only when you are short sided and absolutely need to get up and down AND have given it enough reps in practice to be able to control your entry point.

Tags: Speciality Shot, Bunker, Impact, Intermediate

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