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Throw Under Lead Armpit - Bunker

This is a great drill from short game guru James Sieckmann and it is helpful for golfers who have a tendency to get the hand-path out to the right, or too in-to-out, on their bunker shots. Players who exhibit this pattern will typically struggle to use the bounce properly and have an upper body shift away from the target; these factors can lead to heavier contact and a low trajectory. To use the bounce properly and hit higher, softer bunker shots, we have to create a more leftward path. By simply rehearsing a frisbee throw under the lead armpit, we can quickly feel the proper hand path and release pattern (palm staying open) before applying it to a full shot. Note, as this drill combines both of these patterns, it can be useful for amateur and skilled players alike. 


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Tags: Bunker, Drill, Intermediate

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