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Motorcycle Timing

While I teach the motorcycle move as primarily a transition move because that's when the majority of the movement occurs, it is perfectly acceptable to start the movement to end your backswing instead of to start the downswing. Based on the way transition happens, these could really be the same point in time.

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The Stirl is motorcycle timing. So we're going to talk about the motorcycle or that

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flexion of the lead wrist and where most people have trouble with it. So there's two

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different things that could be happening. Either the timing of the movement is incorrect

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or the amount of movement is incorrect. Those are the two frequently that I'll see when

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we're working on getting this movement. So just as a refresher, this motorcycle is basically

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going to be a flattening of this lead wrist. So I start in a neutral grip which has about

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25 degrees of extension. If I were to then motorcycle, you can see that that closes down the

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club face, which allows for this body return or sorry body rotation and some shaft

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lean so that I'm still have the club face point in the general direction of the target.

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So the timing of when most players do this is before you get to waist height kind of about

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like so. Now if you wait until waist height to try to do it, you're virtually assured that

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you're going to have to stand up to help square the club face. But if you have that

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motorcycle movement initiated before you get to the end of your transition, you're going

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to have a good chance of being able to stay down and keep that chest going into side

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bend and rotation and all these other good things to help control the flat spot and ultimately

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help with consistency. I've had a number of questions on here. While I focus on it during

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transition because that's the most powerful way to do it and that's what the majority of

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to our players do. There are a number of them who do it to end the backswing. So after you've

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gone into your takeaway movement and you're setting the club, guys like Justin Johnson, David

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Tom's, there's probably a handful of others but there's the two that come to mind. They will

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do it more to end the backswing as opposed to start the downswing. Now as we focus on here,

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there's no real backswing downswing. It's all kind of a blend of transition, right? As I'm going back,

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my lower body starts before my upper body before my arms and my hand. So if you want to feel like

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this is ending the backswing as opposed to starting the downswing, we may actually be talking about

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kind of the same timing. So as long as it's happening before I get to here, that's going to take

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care of the timing piece. So the timing of when it happens is typically going to be after the

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takeaway and before I reach delivery position. The other common thing that I'll see is golfers will

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start the motorcycle and then bail on it during the release. For most of you, you're going to be

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able to feel like you motorcycle pretty much until you get into this follow-through position.

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Now even if I'm trying to motorcycle, what will tend to happen is because of that extension of that

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right side, this left side pulling and this right side kind of pushing through,

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we're allowing that arm to lengthen. It's going to tend to pull me out of that motorcycle movement.

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But what tends to happen is golfers will do this motorcycle movement and then they'll

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bail on it right about here when it should actually be reaching more of its faster speed. So

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for the timing of it, you want to feel like I started and then I continue, continue, continue, continue,

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almost until after I've made contact with the golf ball. That's going to help create a lot more of

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this lag and that's going to help allow for the body movements to do all the really good things

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to help with consistency. This side bend, this axis, tilt, irritation, all those good things.

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Ultimately, this is lag of the lead wrist. So we often think about creating lag in this shoulder

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and in this wrist, but the more that I motorcycle, that is actually lag in the lead wrist.

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So you're going to initiate it somewhere either working on ending the backswing or starting the

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downswing, but it's going to initiate by the time I get to, by the time I get to waist height

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and you're going to continue that feeling of motorcycleing all the way through to that follow-through

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position. Those two keys will tend to help you get the face close to the path in this way.

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So if you find that you're hitting slices or you're hitting blocks way out to the right,

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there's a good chance that you either didn't do the motorcycle early enough or you didn't do it

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for long enough. Focus on those two key movements until you're having a nice, consistent draw

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or pull draws and then you know that the face is not the issue and you can work on the path.

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