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Isolated Club Face Movements

Just like individual movements will change the path, we can look at the individual movements and how they change the face. Here are the general rules for club face movements.

Body movements can be lumped together as a whole.

More open body = more open club face
More closed body = more closed club face

From a general point of view of the arm movements

Right rotation of the arms (lead wrist pronation, shoulder internal rotation) = more open club face
Left rotation of the arms (lead wrist supination, shoulder external rotation) = more closed club face

Unhinge (ulnar deviation) = more open club face
Hinge (radial deviation) = more closed club face

More lag (lead wrist flexion) = more closed club face
Less lag (lead wrist extension) = more open club face

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Tags: Fundamentals, Not Straight Enough, Intermediate

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