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Iron Consistency

Welcome to the Iron Consistency Program. An iron is typically hit with the ball sitting on the ground. This makes puts much more of a demand on the precision of your swing than with a driver. In this program, you will learn why fat and thin shots happen and how to practice a swing that grooves a swing that hits the ball solidly.

The Iron Consistency Program is broken into two week sections with each section having a common theme. The first stage covers the core science of hitting the ball solidly. Basically, the golf club is swinging around you, like a circle, and that circle is going to hit the ground if you want to hit the ball. The best iron players have the club hit the ground in front of the golf ball, while an inconsistent player will have the club hit the ground before it hits the golf ball. in the first section, you will explore the factors that control the lower point.

The second stage breaks the first key movement to controlling the low point (the arm movements) into detail so that you understand once and for all how your arms are causing you to hit fat and thin shots.

The third stage covers how the body helps control where and when the arms straighten. We call this interaction, "pivot control". It's important to recognize that their are only a couple places that things can go wrong with the pivot, so in this section you will learn how to control your pivot during the key times of the swing.

Hitting the ball fat and thin is frustrating, but it's not too complicated to change. It just takes repetitions with good feedback, and soon you'll be hitting the solid shots you've always wanted.

Have fun, and good luck!

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