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Low Point Issue - Arms Behind

There are a number of predictable issues that cause low point trouble. One common one is the arms getting too far behind your body. This usually happens when the shoulders are working independently of the body rotation. Learn how to assess your swing on video so that you can quickly decode if your arm-to-body connection is causing your main contact issues.

Tags: Poor Contact

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This concept video is discussing the low point killer of the arms behind your body.

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When I say your arms behind your body, what I'm referring to is kind of looking at the

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midline of your chest.

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If we say that the midline of your chest is kind of the middle of your body, then having

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your hands or the handle well behind that can make it hard to get the low point forward.

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Now, some good players struggle with this.

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They can be a good driver of the golf ball, you can be a pretty good wedge player, but

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you might struggle with more your mid and scoring irons.

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If you have the club too far behind your body, especially if you're early with your arm

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timing, so this arm trail arm gets away from you kind of like this.

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Essentially, what'll happen is when the arms go like this, that lengthens the club and

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moves the low point backward.

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So now if I did that merry-go-round drill, you could see that the club is going to strike

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the ground more down here.

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What a lot of golfers do is in order to avoid striking the ground down there, they're

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going to bend the wrist or throw the club forward.

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Then now the club is coming up to avoid hitting the ground behind it.

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I end up with a lot of fat and thin and oftentimes top shots, like I just hit on that

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last one.

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So that all stemmed from bringing the arms too far behind my body kind of like this.

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And then having them throw down to the bottom.

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You'll see I was able to make okay contact, but it was still a little bit thin.

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The one way you can get away with having the arms way behind your body like this would

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be more if you still keep the extension of that trail wrist and you have a very excessive

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or aggressive body rotation.

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So the arms almost never feel like they fire.

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A good example of this would be someone more like a gym furick.

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But for most golfers who have some arm extension and some feel of a release down at the

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bottom, less of kind of this hold off feel in the shoulders.

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If you have some type of release down at the bottom, then getting the arms way behind

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is going to cause more of this low point issue behind the ball.

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So there's a couple different ways you can approach that.

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You can either look at some of the back swing videos about keeping the arm more in front

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of your chest or keeping the arm more in front the elbow in front of your pack or the handle

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more in front of your chest.

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That makes it so that then when I get my chest down to impact, my hands are in front of

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:56,000
my sternum and ahead of the golf ball and ahead of this midline or their inline with

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the low point line.

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The other option is if I get the arms behind my body in the back swing, then I have to

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be patient enough and exaggerate the arm component components of the wipe movement.

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So if I get the arms behind, but then I let them catch up kind of in this feeling of this

00:03:19,000 --> 00:03:27,000
more kind of floating or what I call Zoro loops, feeling the arms work more in a direction

00:03:27,000 --> 00:03:30,000
ahead of the golf ball kind of out there.

00:03:30,000 --> 00:03:36,000
Can allow them to get a little bit more behind in the back swing and then ahead through

00:03:36,000 --> 00:03:37,000

00:03:37,000 --> 00:03:44,000
Ultimately, the place that really matters is impact and having the hands in front of the

00:03:44,000 --> 00:03:49,000
chest of the chest is a little bit open is one of the surefire ways or one of the best

00:03:49,000 --> 00:03:54,000
ways to get low point to be out ahead of the golf ball.

00:03:54,000 --> 00:04:00,000
So if you look at your video and your body is in a reasonable position or even slightly

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ahead, but you're hitting a lot of fat and thin shots, then you want to investigate

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the arms and look at more of the single arm drills and ways to get more comfortable with

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the arms being in front of your body.

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If you do that, that will have a really big impact for quickly cleaning up your low point

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