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Fluid Release - Smooth Tempo And Release Tension

Fluid and effortless are part of the common adjectives for describing elite sports performance. See how the release of the golf club can have a similar feeling to the release in other sports and how you can train this in your own swing.

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Tags: Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is fluid release.

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So fluid release is basically trying to get a similar feeling from other sports into

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a really release of the golf swing.

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So if I'm doing a, I played a lot of basketball or tennis, played a lot of throwing

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sports, typically what's going to happen in those sports.

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So let's take basketball for example.

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If I'm shooting a foul shot, I'm going to basically load stuff and the release is going

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to be one fluid motion, even though the ball is going to leave right around here, somewhere

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in the middle of that motion.

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So if I was hitting a tennis stroke, I'm going to hit here, even though I'm making one

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motion from here until there.

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Well the same thing should happen in golf.

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And essentially the movements that are happening during the release are going to be the

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body is backing up slightly as it's side bend.

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So I'm here in this body is kind of going into this firm left side or bracing.

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The right arm is going to be extending and the left arm is going to be rotating.

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So what I want you to try to do is while you're working on the release is to try to build

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it into one movement from there to there, one movement from there to there.

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What I frequently see, especially if you have an open club face and you have to find a way

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to get that square, is that a lot of golfers will feel like the swing essentially ends

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at the ball and those release movements will kind of flutter or almost stall as they get

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closer to the ball.

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So when you're doing these nine to three's or when you're working on the mechanics,

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in order to get this fluid feeling of a good release, I want you to try to get that feeling

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to go from one end to the other in one fluid motion, just like you would in shooting a

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basketball, in throwing, in striking a tennis ball, it's a common feeling that we have in

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a lot of other sports and I want to make sure that my golfers have it.

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The common thing that's going to feel the weirdest is going to be this rotation of the

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lead arm.

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Now, Ben Hogan wrote about it, lots of people have talked about this supination of the lead

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arm and I want to stress the importance of the position versus the movement or the feeling.

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So even though I'm going to start like this, I'm going to make contact with the ball

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with a little bit more of a pronated wrist kind of like so, but it's going to be

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So that fluid release is going to be that left arm rotating kind of like so, but most of

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that rotation is coming from the arm's extending.

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So it ends up looking a little bit like that where we have one fluid movement from

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about waist height to waist height in the follow-through.

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So as you're working on these movements, try to blend it into one movement from this delivery

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position or waist height all the way until the follow-through position that will definitely

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help you with your consistency and quality of strike.

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