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Tempo From Dribbling

Many golfers who struggle with a cast pattern or an upper-body dominated transition can benefit from some tempo training. More specifically, improving the rate of acceleration in transition and through impact can offer several benefits for golfers who fall into this category. Not only will it improve low point control and get the lower body more engaged, but it will also help transfer the maximum amount of energy to the ball. A great and unique drill for feeling this "steady" acceleration is to simply dribble a basketball. If done correctly, you should feel a consistent delivery of energy and then a quick release. This is reminiscent of how the arms shallow in transition, gradually pick up speed, and then are released with an explosive move of the lower body and core. Ultimately, if you are struggling with pulls or heavy shots, try a few dribbles or some of the club throw downs and see if you can transition these feels to your golf swing. If done successfully, you should notice yourself moving somewhat slow and then fast; not fast and then slow. 

Playlists: Fix Your Cast, Keys To Transition

Tags: Cast, Transition, Intermediate, Beginner

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