Coming over-the-top...bad backswing?


Coming over-the-top...bad backswing?  

  By: Stephen N on April 17, 2021, 8:16 p.m.

Been a while since I last took a video (golf season just started yesterday in Saskatchewan) and I'm scared by what I see.

Based on driving range sessions for last few days, I would guess 40% would be a slight fade that would be landing in the fairway, than 40% would be extreme slice into rough/OB, and than 20% are pulls OB.

Wonder if I'm screwing this up even starting on my backswing before even looking elsewhere?

Been looking at videos for last 2 weeks related to fighting early extension and chunky shots. Those disappeared lately but introduced this.

Thanks for your time!!

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Re: Coming over-the-top...bad backswing?  

  By: Tyler F on April 18, 2021, 12:07 p.m.

Hi Steven,

My view on the backswing is that fix it first if there are BIG issues, but if it's a little off, then it's more likely a downswing pattern causing the issue. I don't think the backswing is bad enough to "cause" the steep issue.

I see two complementary issues. The early extension and the arm straightening body happen about halfway in the downswing. To fix one of them, you'll have to play around with a few ideas. So be patient with yourself as you work through it. I would prioritize fixing whichever issue is more frustrating to you. The slice, or the chunky shots.

If you want to fix the slice, then the motorcycle and clubface pattern is the key. The arm straightening is one way to close the face, so if you remove the early extension, then the ball would start right and fade.

If you want to fix the chunk/consistency, then working on the pivot would be a better place to start. To really fix either, you'll have to fix both. But hopefully, if you pick the right one, you'll still hit the ball better as you're working through one piece then the other.

PS - the one thing we can't see from the video is the lunge/tilt. You might want to look at a face on video to see how much that's part of the puzzle.

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