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Post Shot Routine

A post shot routine helps a player identify areas of "the process" that could be improved up.  The general process for hitting a golf shot on the course is

  1. Evaluate the shot at hand
  2. Commit to the shot
  3. Execute the shot
  4. Conduct post shot routine
  5. Move on to the next shot
  6. Repeate 60 something times a round (hopefully)

During your post shot routine, you should try to forget mechanics but rather, focus on "interference" or what distracted you from fully committing to the shot. Here is a brief list of things that frequently cause interference.

  • Failure to adjust for ball below your feet or above your feet
  • Visual distractions such as trouble left or right, or ball sitting down
  • Mental distractions such as moments during the execution where you lose commitment

Once you identify interference, your goal is to figure out the trigger for how that interference was allowed into the arena.  It's somewhat like dog training. You have to issue the correction before the dog bites, not after.  So, when evaluating the experience, you want to look for the first sign that you were going to have interference, and identify it so that you can build a strategy to prevent it next time.

Tags: Mental Game, Intermediate

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