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How To Use The GSA System

Step 1 - Do you want to solve a specific problem or do you want to understand the swing from A to Z.

Step 2 - Watch videos associated to your focus or skill level.

Step 3 - Understand how the pieces of the golf swing relate to each other will allow you to best become a self coach.

Tags: Fundamentals, Concept, Beginner

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Hi, I'm Tyler Farrell and welcome to Golf Smart Academy. In this video I'm going to

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help you figure out how you can best utilize this site. Now I find that most golfers

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come to this site with one of two different philosophies. Either you have a specific

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problem that you're trying to solve. Let's say you're hooking the ball or slicing the

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ball or topping the ball or hitting your iron's fat. Whatever that is, if you have a

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specific problem to solve, that's a little different than just you know what? I'm a

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student of the game. I love learning about this stuff. I want to continue to be

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a lifelong learner of the golf swing and I want some science-based ways to understand

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what's supposed to happen whether it's set up or during the backswing or during the

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downswing. Those are two different schools of thought and neither one is right

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nor wrong. But we have a lot of videos on this site and so I want to help you

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learn to navigate it as simply as possible. So regardless of which approach you're

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using, the first step is you want to get really clear with reading feedback. You

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have to learn to read feedback and you have to learn to set clear objectives or

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expectations of what you're trying to accomplish. So clear feedback helps you if

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you don't know how to read ball flight or if you hit it thin, what does that mean?

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Or if you hit it fat, what does that mean? If you shank the ball, what are some

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of the likely reasons or what would the club be doing in order to create that

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situation? I've what I call my full proof recipe which is essentially you want to

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figure out what the club is doing. You want to figure out what you want the club

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to do differently. You'll strategize on how the body can do that differently and

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then you experiment with different drills whether they are field drills or

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visual drills or tempo drills at home training drills. Whatever it is, you

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experiment with drills to get the body to do what you want to do so that the

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club does something differently. And because you know how to read feedback at this

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point, you'll be able to identify if you're doing it correctly. So step one, read

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the feedback, step two, figure out what the club is doing, step three, figure out

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what you want to do differently with the club, step four, figure out how the

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body can do that differently. And then the last step is once you have a drill or

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two or three that helps you train how to do it differently, you just got to put in reps

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and monitor your progress with feedback. Eventually what ends up happening is people

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come up with a recipe of, let's say, you know, two to five drills where if I ever get lost,

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I do these drills and I can get that area of my swing back on track. That's my full proof

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recipe for improving whatever you're doing with the club and it really fits into

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either of the two categories of whether you're trying to just solve one specific issue or

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trying to be more take the long-term approach of building your version of the stock tour swing.

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So once you have a clear understanding of feedback and objective and what you're trying to do,

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the next step is to identify, are you trying to solve one issue or are you trying to just learn

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about the swing from more of a holistic perspective using golf science? So if it's the first,

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if you're just trying to solve one specific issue, I highly recommend contacting us. Send us a

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question or submit your swing. That way we can isolate and pinpoint what drills or what

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fundamentals are going to have the biggest impact on your game and help you solve that question

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quickly because if you're not quite sure it's easy for you to start chasing a setup or start

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working on your setup, if really you have a release problem or if you have a sequencing problem.

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So we don't want you to waste too much time trying to find the answer. Now if you are a more of

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the lifelong learner and you're trying to learn how to self-coach or manage your golf game for the

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years to come to be a really good student of the game so you no longer get tricked by poor information.

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The real key is to take inventory of your game and prioritize what you want to work on.

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At some point if you're working on a golf swing, you're going to work on setup,

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you're going to work on the takeaway, you're going to work on the setting the club or the

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the full backswing, you're going to work on transition, you're going to work on the release and

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you're going to work on going through into the finish. And if you understand how these pieces fit

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together, whatever piece you're working on, if you're working on things that are going to

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move your swing in the right direction, then you're ultimately making progress. So your goal is

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while you're going through these videos to try and understand how things in the backswing affect

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the downswing and how things in the downswing affect your setup and basically how the whole picture

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of the stock tour swing fits together. That way you'll be able to, while reading the feedback,

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you'll be able to figure out which of the pieces really are the most important for you.

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Some people hone in on transition and if they have a great transition, everything takes care of itself.

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Other people need more of a good follow-through or release. You'll figure out which ones are

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important to you by experimenting with the different ones as you go through each section.

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But I can't stress enough, your goal in each section is to understand how they all fit together

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to create this unified movement that's a golf swing. So whether you are a competitive golfer,

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trying to play for a living or a lifelong learner who's just passionate about golf,

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or if you're a coach and you just want to know the science behind each of these sections and

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you want some additional drills or ways that you could experiment with training the movements

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that you know. I hope that you find the content the site extremely beneficial. In the next video,

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I'm going to show you how the site was designed to be used to help you find the answers to your

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questions as quickly as possible.

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