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Famous Line Drill

Take a tee and scrape a line in the ground. Set up so that the line would be roughly an inch ahead of your ball position. Then take swings and compare to the line when you take a divot. In the ideal situation, you will take the divot about an inch after the line, and your divot will be about the size of a dollar bill. If you can accomplish this task, then solid ball striking is only a matter of having the clubface square-ish and the ball in the right place.

This drill has been used by lots of instructors, but most recently made popular by Mike Bennet and Andy Plummer of Stack and Tilt. Mike demonstrates hitting 17 shots, without having a single divot start behind the line.

Playlists: STS - Faults and Fixes

Tags: Poor Contact, Iron, Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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The drill is the famous line drill and this is to help you work on your impact position.

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So basically what you may or may not have seen before is a common theme is to take

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either a string or some white tape or something on the ground just to have an indicator on the

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ground somewhere between your stands usually a little bit forward of center. If you remember

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from the contact video with every club except for a driver we're trying to hit slightly

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down on the ball so that we can get the sweet spot to be on the back of the ball as opposed

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to hitting it low on the face if we had the shafts to reach it. So to make sure that that's

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happening that means that the bottom of the swing is going to be moving closer and closer towards

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the target where poor handicaps, high handicaps tend to have the bottom there swing way back more

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towards the right foot. So having a little bit of feedback makes this a little bit easier to

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monitor. So you can either use string tape, you know spray paint is one of the common ones.

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I like to just take a T every once in a while and you take a T and you just kind of carve a line

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in the ground and all the grass will kind of go forward and you'll see this little brown line

00:01:17,000 --> 00:01:22,000
little brown trench. That just gives you a really clear reference point. So then you're going

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to set up as if that line were the golf ball and you're going to take your full swing and you're

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going to look down and sure enough the divot right there started just after the line. So if I had

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a golf ball there I would have hit a solid ball. So the line drill is just a way for you to start

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seeing if you're getting in this good impact position and then extending the club down the divot

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will happen after the golf ball. The line drill just gives you a really good way of monitoring that

00:01:50,000 --> 00:01:57,000
or having feedback for it so you can draw a line. Stack until it uses this a lot and if you've never

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seen the demonstration where they go down the line and hit 17 golf balls never having the club

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bottoming out behind the line. It's pretty impressive and it's something to definitely strive for.

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So use the T carve a line, take some practice swings and just make sure that your the bottomer swing

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is getting ahead of where you set up. So you'll notice every single time that's making contact

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just to have a line because I got some of those impact keys working in that little swing. So draw a line,

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pay attention, we'll get into more details as we get into the movements in the next layer.

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