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Brush The Ground - Advanced

Brushing the ground is a result of the body pivot, the direction of the arm release, and the timing of the arm release. By exploring the different pieces, you will be able to find the combination of movements and area of focus that works before for your swing.

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Tags: Poor Contact, Impact, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the advanced version of brush the ground.

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So in the advanced version of brush the ground, we're going to try to focus on some of these

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details that help me with getting the club to brush.

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So in recap, I'm basically trying to get the club to make contact with the ground and

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then travel along the ground and kind of load the ground from just ahead of the middle

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of my stance to about where my left foot is.

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So I'm very slightly depending on what club you're swinging, but I'm trying to get

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this long flat spot and this good brush of the ground and then just let the golf ball get

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in the way.

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So the big factors that are going to relate to this are going to be the timing and

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direction of my arm release as well as how my release is being triggered.

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So ultimately what should happen is that that release, so once I get to about here,

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it should be triggered by that left leg kind of pushing up which causes that some of

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this side bend kind of like so.

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And then the more that my arms release out like this, straight out in front of my chest,

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the more that I'm going to have to stand up or lunge or something along those lines in order

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to not hit behind the golf ball.

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So if I'm doing more of this white where I get to about here and then that right arm

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is working more across my body instead of straight out, it's going to cause different

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locations as far as where I'm making contacts with the ground.

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Also the more that my body has turned, both my lower body in my chest, then when my arms

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go to extend in general, that's going to move that location of the brush further, forward,

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or further closer to the target.

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So as you're working on this brush, you can focus on the different pieces that you may

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be working on in release.

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Now understand that that shaft, shallowing during transition is going to affect how your

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release looks really significantly.

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But ultimately if I'm training that release pattern and coming more from the inside, having

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that body rotation and those arms extending, this is what's going to allow me to get

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a very good brush pattern.

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So the club will stay low to the ground for a long period of time and brush ahead of

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the middle of your stance.

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Play around with that if you ever get lost with contact.

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The common tendency is you're going to hit the ball off to the right, that means that I

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probably have to either focus on the motorcycle or if that's one too many things to focus

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on, just simply strengthen your grip of your degrees.

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So play around with this anytime that you get lost, get back to the basics of how is the

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club contacting with the ground.

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Once you have that in place, then you can revisit some of these internal focuses of what

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the body is actually doing in order to make this work.

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