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Elbow Fold Down - Getting Arm Rotation In The Follow Through

In the follow through, make sure that the left elbow points down toward the ground. This helps to rotate the club to the path. If you come over the top and did this move, then you would hit the ball incredibly left of left. Committing to squaring the face “forces” you to get the path more out to the right. Many square the face but moving the shaft backward instead of rotating the face.

Tags: Cast, Release, Drill

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This drill is the lead elbow down drill.

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Also known as the Jimmy Ballard elbow fold drill.

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I had a student who when we were working on this said that he had taken lessons from

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Jimmy Ballard and this was one of the things that they had worked on that he had kind of forgotten about.

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So if you are having this cast or upper body dominant swing pattern, what will happen again

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from the top of the swing that right arm will straighten that right wrist will straighten.

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And then as you come through that left wrist will tend to bend or do the old little chicken

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wing pattern.

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In that chicken wing pattern you will see that my elbow is pointed more up towards the sky.

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If you come from the outside and you were to point your elbow towards the ground you would hit

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very massive poles.

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So what we can do is we can force you to hit poles until you learn to swing the club in the

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downswing on the proper path.

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The way that you are going to do that is you are going to practice going into that

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follow through position where you get that elbow to point straight down towards the ground

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behind you instead of up towards the sky.

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So letting that left arm rotate so that that elbow is pointed down or the left palm is facing

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more up helps create the extension on the way through.

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And if you are coming from the outside and you do that the face will match the path

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and you will hit massive poles.

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If you are coming from the inside when you do that the face will square through impact

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and you will hit a very solid soft little draw.

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So it is a good what I call torture drill for a caster because if you don't overcome

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the cast this drill will continue to produce horrible shots.

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And that is a very strong feedback tool.

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So work on that left elbow pointed down in the Jimmy Ballard elbow fold drill.

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Once it gets to the extension position you can allow that hand to come to fold naturally

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after you get through the follow through position.

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But as it does just maintain that elbow pointed down towards the ground.

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Don't let it point behind you.

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