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Door Jam - Training Impact Position

One of the most important drill you have in this program.

Whenever I have a student who asks about a what should impact feel like, I usually will respond with “let’s find out”. Then, I will get them into impact, step on the golf ball and say push into the golf ball and toward the target (slightly right of). Then I will have them try to feel as strong as possible. If you stand up, you will feel weaker. If you move your hands back, you will feel weaker. If you shift your weight to your back foot, then you will feel weaker. If you straighten your right arm all the way, it will feel weaker. If you don’t side bend and are “tall” then you will feel weaker. However, if you bend too much forward and get your hands too much forward, you will get weaker as well. This is because there is a best way for the body to transfer energy through fascial lines. If you are in a strong impact position, then you will feel powerful.

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Tags: Impact, Drill, Beginner

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