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Connecting The Lower Body To The Rib Cage

It is common when golfers are working on getting their lower body to start the downswing to hit behind the ball or feel "disconnected", "out of sync", or weak. This is a quick point on how to make sure that the lower body is connected to the rest of the body to make the movement of the lower body transfer to the club.

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Stirl is connecting the lower body to the core.

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So frequently, golfers will be trying to get more body rotation.

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So if they're coming into the impact kind of like this,

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we'll always point out some of these body-check marks that you can use as to where you want your body.

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But in general, we're trying to get that lower body to kind of lead and be open by the time that those arms get to about shaft parallel,

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or definitely by the time they get to impact.

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Frequently what I'll see is golfers will fake rotation, and that's why it doesn't end up helping them hit the ball better.

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So this drill is to help you clarify that lower body rotation.

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Here's what I mean.

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So I'm going to take it to about waist height and then I'm going to rotate my lower body.

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But notice how it looks a little kind of disjointed.

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It doesn't look like my core is really connected or engaged.

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It's almost like my core just kind of said,

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blah, like this, and none of that energy was pulling on my rib cage.

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I didn't feel any connection going from the ground to my rib cage.

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And ultimately, you should feel this connection going all the way to your hands.

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From now on, the line that bad one would look kind of like this.

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Where what we want is I'm going to now use my core with it.

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So I'm going to push the legs, but I'm going to keep that core engaged.

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And now I feel increased tension through my latin, through some of my back muscles,

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that I could turn into swings be with my hands.

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So from the face on, a good one would look that lower body goes,

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but it's connected through the core.

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And I can take that momentum and then transfer it into my hands.

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So if you're hitting shots, either nine to three or full working on getting that Jackson

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five, getting that lower body to initiate, you just want to make sure that when you do it,

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it's transferred into the core, kind of like that one, as opposed to,

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you could see that I deliberately disconnected my core.

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It just went lower body arms.

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There was no connection between the two.

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So anytime you're working on trying to get more lower body involvement in the swing,

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you have to make sure that it's connecting all the way up to the rib cage.

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Otherwise, it's never going to transfer into your full swing.

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Thank you.

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