Putting Grip Overview

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Putting Grip Overview

Learn the keys for creating stable wrists with a tour quality grip

The main goal of the grip is to place the hands on the club in a way that provides a high amount of feel, but restricts some movements that we don’t want. The easiest way to accomplish this is to ensure that pressure is more in the palm than the fingers. This is almost the opposite of what we are looking for in the full swing.

Steps for a secure putting grip

The lead hand (left for right handed golfers) Hold the putter with the right hand so that the putter face is vertical. Place the lifeline of the left hand along the edge of the grip about an inch from the butt end of the grip. The club should run from the middle of the heel of your hand to the 1st joint of your index finger. Close the hand using a STRAIGHT finger technique. Do not close your hand like you were making a fist. That will place the club in the fingers, where the straight finger grip places the club in the palm. Press your thumb down on top of the putter grip and you should have a grip that looks similar to one demonstrated in the video.

The trail hand (right hand for right handed golfers)

Now that the left hand is on the grip, slide your right hand up the grip until the hands meet, but keep the grip in line with the lifeline of the right hand. Take your left index finger off of the grip and slide your right pinky until it lays next to the middle finger as shown below. Then take your left index finger and allow it to overlap either the middle finger or the ring finger of the right hand. Your hands should have a unified feel in which your palms are facing each other and your thumbs are pointed down the shaft. Take note of the index finger of the right hand. Notice how it is in opposition to the tip of the thum below. This is the correct “trigger finger” position and provides a bit of stability, an increased amount of feel and is much preferred to the thumb down the shaft that many beginning golfers attempt.

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