Aiming for the slope

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Aiming for the slope

Once you feel the slope, learn how to use that number to pick the spot to aim at

Here are two ways to aim your putt based on the slope you feel. This is a critical piece to learning how to read the green using your feel instead of your eyes and it takes some practice/experimentation.

Math version:
1/2 inch per foot per percent of slope
Imagine you have a 10-foot putt on a 2% slope
1/2 inch x 10 = 5 inches
5 inches x 2 (2% slope) = 10 inches from the center of the hole.

Finger version
Stand about 18 inches behind the ball on putts longer than 7 feet
Hold up 2 fingers from the middle of the hole
*note: (on putts less than 7 feet, stand with toes even with the ball and place fingers starting on the low side of the hole)

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