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Working Through Shallow Arms

Many golfers battle the arms getting steep in transition. Two key reasons for steep arms are: the movements can feel powerful and the movements help close the club face. But, while it feels powerful, it limits the ability to use body rotation for speed. This limits the flat spot and challenges consistency.

When working on transition, at first, I always recommend using a pump drill or broken transition to disrupt the pattern and allow your brain to make changes more comfortably. The normal progression is:

  1. Pump the arms only
  2. Pump the arms with the body in golf posture
  3. Pump the arms in golf posture and swing through to finish, brushing the ground at the bottom
  4. Pump the arms in golf posture and let the ball get in the way as you brush the ground
  5. Monitor feedback of contact and ball flight.

Playlists: Keys To Transition, Fix Your Hook, Swing Plane Simplified - Working with steeps and shallows

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