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Wall Outside Left Ear - Driver

The amount of spine angle away from the ball is referred to as "axis tilt". In order to get the right amount of axis tilt, the lower body will shift closer to the target during the downswing than the upper body will. Use an object like a wall to make sure the upper body isn't sliding with the lower body will help you develop a good feel and visual of where the spine should be at impact and into the follow through position.

Tags: Not Enough Distance, Driver, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is wall outside left ear. So if you're practicing at home or you're driving

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your engine conveniently located to say a shed or something like that, you can actually

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kind of get the feeling of taking your setup position and then having that wall be just

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outside your left ear kind of like so. Now I don't have that here so I'm going to use

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this as a makeshift wall. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to make sure that when

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I make my backswing I create a little bit more space between my head and the left

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ear and then when I come down I'm going to have anything move away from this shaft.

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Right or the wall. So I'm going to set up if I were to take my normal setup I'm going

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to skew it in a little closer so you can see that this is just outside my left ear.

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Now with an iron we talk about not getting that over body too far behind because we're

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really trying to get that low point ahead of the golf ball. But with the driver I want the

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low point to be behind the golf ball and I want this more sweeping kind of path through

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the ball. In order to do that I need to make sure that my upper body is more towards

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kind of the the back half of my stance instead of over the we'd have. If I get too far

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forward I'm going to have a hard time creating that difference between my pelvis and my upper

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body of six to seven eight inches that we like to see. So if I this helps me get kind of a spatial

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awareness and then I can set up and kind of recreate that same movement staying a little bit more

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behind the golf ball. So this is a great little spatial awareness drill for feeling the proper

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access to. Now if when I try to stay behind the golf ball I end up hitting it fat it means that

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there's a timing issue of when my arms are straightening or there's a club face issue. If I don't hit

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it fat but I stay behind the ball and I end up having these weak push fades where the ball flies

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off to the right then it means that I'm using drifting on top and releasing the hands as a way

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to square the club face and I need to work on the motorcycle movement and the the squat club

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face squaring during the release. So use this as a good spatial awareness drill as far as where

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your body should be in space when you're swinging your driver.

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