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Visualizing Arm Extension - Timing & Direction

Many golfers struggle with the proper timing and direction of the release, especially when it comes to the differences between a chip/pitch and a full shot. To help with this, I will setup (2) alignment sticks, as seen in the video, and have players focus more on their arm extension. 

Ideally, the alignment sticks should provide a simple visual cue for the proper release patterns, while quickly providing feedback on the right and wrong movements, depending on the club that is being used. 

Ultimately, the timing and direction of the release, or extension of the arms, varies depending on the length of club and type of shot being played. Overall, golfers who can manage these differences should become more effective from tee to green and feel more comfortable with every club in the bag. 

Playlists: Train Your Release

Tags: Poor Contact, Iron, Pitch, Chip, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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