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Delivery Position Hand Checkpoint

Shaft rotation is important to squaring the face with any amount of shaft lean, or handle raising. A checkpoint for identifying shaft rotation is shaft parallel in the downswing. At this point in time, you can identify if you have shaft rotation by looking at the flexion of the lead wrist or the extension of the trail. The extension of the trail will show up as the trail hand being on top of the shaft, instead of underneath.

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The drill is right hand on top or right hand underneath.

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So during the release, when we look at this kind of chef parallel and down, one of the

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common traits that you'll see with a lot of solid, elite ball strikers is what I highlight

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in the finger release, which is more of that feeling of the right hand kind of covering

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a golf ball.

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So a reference for that is if you're looking at the chef from down the line, this

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would be the right hand kind of underneath.

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And I could do that with a strong grip, but the right hand is well underneath.

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That's going to encourage more of kind of a flesh and base release, where most golfers,

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if you were to look at the V at the very least, it would be pointing straight up and down,

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oftentimes it's actually pointing more out that direction.

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So that is kind of the compliment of the motorcycle would be the right hand a little bit more

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on top.

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Now this feels like I should hook the ball.

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Unless I was to continue rotating, which is what the Mori-League ball strikers are able

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to do.

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So a great checkpoint, if you're looking at, well, am I missing the club face during

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transition or am I missing the club face during the release?

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Is checking this chef parallel to the ground and seeing where your right hand V is compared

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to vertical.

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If it's more underneath like this, then there's a good chance you'll actually have it

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kind of more in this position to make it functional, but that's going to be functional

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with a little bit more of a cast pattern.

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If it is on top like so, then if I was the cast, I'd hit it way left.

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So this would encourage more of that tour pivot, get on that left side, rotate side bend,

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body continued working through impact.

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But this is a really good checkpoint for how you're controlling the club face as it

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relates to the left and the right wrist.

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The right wrist will be revealed by where that V is pointing compared to vertical.

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And the left wrist will be able to see with the motorcycle movement.

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So from the face on view, if I was to take the club on top just like so or take my normal

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grip, you would see I would be turning and doing the motorcycle movement, which would

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look something like this.

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This is the physical orientation if I didn't do anything else with my body, where the club

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should be at that shaft parallel, something like this, where I've rotated that top hand

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more on or I've rotated my right hand more on top as I've extended it.

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Kind of like that.

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Now if you feel like if you do this, all you're going to do is hit it left, then you

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need to work on having a little bit more shaffling based as a result of body rotation

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because those two will balance each other out.

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So I get it on top.

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I take it to that waist height checkpoint and you see a no longer looks close.

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So if I get it on top, that looks very close.

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I take it to that waist height checkpoint, especially if I had body rotation and a no longer

00:03:07,000 --> 00:03:13,000
looks close, it looks like I'm in position to cover the ball, which is the kind of

00:03:13,000 --> 00:03:18,000
the feeling that a lot of good players have, which is part of the drill, the finger release.

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So if you check your, if I reference this kind of checkpoint and looking at the position

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of the club face, of which this drill helps you understand how the club face position,

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how the hand position at shaft parallel are going to relate to what you do during the

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