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  • Tempo is really sequencing
  • works well for rhythm learners and for building swing thoughts
  • Work from the ground up

Tempo is a good thing to understand in the early phases of building your swing, and it’s a good thing to keep in mind as you move on to layer two of the full swing. Since we’re big on science here at Golf Smart Academy. Let’s take a look at what actually creates “pretty” swings.

Tempo is a look at movement compared to time. The golfers who look “smooth” or rythmical, have ideal sequencing or timing of movements. With certain 3D analysis systems, you can measure the time each piece of your body is moving. We will get into much more detail of sequencing in section 3 when we discuss lag/power, but at this point start thinking about aiming for something I call, “effertless power vs powerless effort.” Good tempo is using proper mechanics to create power easily, where a tempo that lacks smoothness, typically results from trying hard to create power in an ineffective way. In the next section, you will get into the two areas where tempo usually breaks down the backswing and the transition. Learning how to use your body in sequence with your your arms will give you a swing that looks easy, but produces lots of power.

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