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Swing Analysis - Tiger Woods Driver - 2018

Tiger Woods has had an incredible "comeback" year, rising all the way from 650th to 26th in the Official World Golf Rankings. He has also performed fairly well in the majors, which includes shooting a final round 64 for a 2nd place finish at the PGA Championship. However, even with all of the strides Tiger has made this year, he still has had his share of struggles off the tee.

If we look closely at the differences between his driver and iron swings, we may be able to draw a few conclusions as to what is causing this inconsistency, especially if we use the "3 Consistency Keys" for some guidance. Of course, the "3 Consistency Keys" for ballstriking are going to be swing plane, low point control, and controlling the face to path relationship. If we look at Tiger's driver swing, we can quickly see that he does 2 of these "keys" fairly well. That is, he does a good job with low point control and his club is swinging on a reasonable plane through impact. 

As for the 3rd key, which is controlling the face to path relationship, we will notice that Tiger has the clubface fairly open just before impact. Some of the best drivers on tour tend to square the clubface earlier in the downswing, which eliminates timing and the larger misses. Tiger's iron swing, on the other hand, has the clubface more square at this same point, which may explain why his iron game is one of the best on tour. 

Ultimately, if Tiger could square the face earlier with the driver, he may be able to improve upon his misses. However, this may be easier said than done as this is a pattern that he has exhibited throughout the majority of his career. Nonetheless, he is still one of the all time greats because his sharp iron play, inspiring short game, and near legendary mental toughness have been able to make up for any accuracy issues off the tee. 

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Driver, Analysis

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