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Swing Analysis - Matt Wolff Vs Jim Furyk

As the last segment of our 3-part Matt Wolff swing analysis, I thought it would be fun to do a quick comparison to Jim Furyk. Despite the fact these (2) players have been discussed in the same breath lately, I believe their swings are actually quite different.

While they both share sharply vertical backswings and a strong shallowing of the club in transition, the ways in which they create these patterns are contrasting. Wolff generates more torso/pelvis rotation and sequences his downswing in a traditional "1-2-3" manner; this allows his arms to remain relatively passive before fully releasing at impact. As for Furyk, he rotates his torso/pelvis minimally in the backswing and relies on a vertical drop of the arms in transition to shallow the club. From there, he rotates hard through impact and his arms do not fully release until well after the ball is struck.

Ultimately, I think this is an interesting exercise as it shows how (2) world-class players can share a few common positions, yet have radically different "engines" behind them. Hopefully, it can provide a few ideas for examining the subtleties in your own swing.


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