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Swing Analysis - Francesco Molinari

The "Champion Golfer of the Year", Francesco Molinari, has (3) worldwide wins in the last few months. Of course, one of those wins was The Open Championship, where he raised the Claret Jug after playing a virtually flawless final round. Francesco is truly an elite driver of the golf ball and is currently 2nd in "strokes gained" ball striking. What is most interesting about Francesco though, is that per mile an hour of club head speed, he hits the ball farther than anybody else on tour. Or in other words, he is one of the most efficient swingers of the golf club in the entire world. From what you will see, he does this through excellent management of width, club path, and face control and by doing all of these together, he creates near textbook release mechanics. 

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Driver, Analysis

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