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Swing Analysis - Alex Noren

Alex Noren is currently the 13th ranked player in the world and over the last two years has become one of the best ball strikers on the PGA Tour. Early in his career, he was not nearly as strong from "tee to green", but he has been able to steadily improve by successfully tying together a few small changes. If you look closely, you will notice that Alex's somewhat unique pre-shot routine is in fact a rehearsal for the swing changes that have made him so successful. Of course, the key to this routine is that it combines all of the new moves into one "feel" or drill for him to focus on. This really simplifies things and makes it possible for him to transfer his new skills to the course come tournament time. Ultimately, what every golfer can learn from this is that any meaningful swing change is likely going to involve a number of variables; too often players believe that there is only one move or change preventing them from swinging well. The real secret to making lasting change is to properly identify all of the patterns that must be re-worked and then doing enough repetitions to find the one playing "feel" or drill to tie them together.

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Tags: Transition, Release, Analysis

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