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Practicing The Transition Sequence

In this drill, you can work on the transition sequence without a ball or club. Practice at home using a mirror so that you can see which piece of the movement feels the weirdest. With practice, you will be able to do all these movements simultaneously, but initially, you may have to work on one at a time.

The pieces in transition are a lateral bump of the hips to the left foot, while the left shoulder dips down slightly. I repeat, the left shoulder dips down. The greatest amount of side flexion for virtually all tour professionals I have ever seen on 3D happens just after the top of the swing, and the players do not move into right side bend until the hands are at delivery position. It is usually the left shoulder dipping down that feels weird if you have struggled with fat shots. You will feel “WAY TOO CLOSE” to the golf ball. This moving of the lower body will create space for your arms to move the club in to a NARROW position. In order to do this, bend the right arm, extend your right wrist, and flex your left wrist. Here’s the last piece, while practicing this movement of your arms, allow your forearms to rotate and flatten slightly.

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