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Pelvic Punch For Early Extension

This is a great drill to feel the sequencing of the lower body. By starting the swing from the 9 o'clock position you will have very little shoulder load, so the only way that you will create speed and solid contact is to use your lower body to initiate the swing. Also, this drill can be used to feel load on the downswing if you try to keep your the club at the 9 o'clock position as long as you can before you hit the ball.

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension

Tags: Early Extension, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the pelvic punch for early extenders.

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You may remember the pelvic punch from the lag or how to create power section, but it's

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a really good drill for early extenders because typically if you early extend and you try

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the pelvic punch, you're going to hit either fat shots or top shots.

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So it's a good self-limiting drill because you're going to struggle with it and hate it.

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So just a reminder of what the pelvic punch drill is, you're going to do the nine o'clock

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position, you're going to freeze right there.

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And then from this position from a dead stop, you're going to try and hit the ball almost

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as hard as you can by shifting your weight, sequencing the lower body first and then the upper

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So if you were to stand up from this short swing, you're not going to have nearly enough

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time to adjust for the change in your upper body.

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And so you're probably going to have the club bottom out behind it and either hit it fat

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or top the ball.

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A good little tip for those trying to overcome this early extension while doing this pelvic

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punch drill is to think about this pelvis here and almost like you're doing a little reverse

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crunch because when you early extend, you can see that my abdominals actually get stretched

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Early extension is associated with back pain if you remember from the overview video because

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I'm over using my back muscles and not using my glutes and my abs.

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So use this as a feeling of almost doing a little reverse crunch that will help keep you

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covering the golf ball which will help make you aware of the problem that's causing

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you to early extend.

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