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Overview Of Irons Vs Driver

While all the golf clubs look somewhat similar, they are actually different tools.  While there is little difference between a 7 and 8 iron there are dramatic differences between a wedge and a driver. 

In this video, we discuss the major differences between an ideal driver swing and an ideal iron swing.  With a driver, your goal is to hit slightly up on the ball. With an iron, your goal is to hit slightly down. Since the driver swing never hits the ground, and since the iron swing does, it is logical that you need to have some variations for what you do with each club.

Yes, ideally with both clubs, you are going to have similar swings. You are going to transfer speed from your lower body, to your core, to your shoulders, and then to your arms. And the movements of the hands and arms are going to be quite similar. The biggest difference is what the upper body must do to direct the club differently. In both swings, the lower body is going to slide toward the target 4-5 inches, but the upper body is going to do something different during the downswing, specifically, during the release. With the driver, the upper body will tend to shift away from the target a couple inches, while with the iron, it will tend to shift more in front of the ball, or more toward the target.

Tags: Iron, Driver, Concept, Intermediate, Beginner

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