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Myview - Push Ball

Get in your good set up position and address a golf ball. From there, try to get into a good impact position using the body image that you have practiced with the MGR drill. Now, apply a force into the golf ball. If you flip the club, or if your path is way off, then the ball will slide up the face and not go far, if you do this right, the ball will “stick” to the face and the ball will go flying.

Tags: Impact, Drill, Beginner

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This is my view of the push ball drill. The push ball drill is a great drill for going from

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impact to follow through. So if we just refresh what that's going to be. So impact position,

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most of my weights on my lead foot, shoulders are kind of tilted and rotated. Right arm is going to be

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slightly bent, lead arms free straight, left wrist is neutral, right wrist is cut. So that's kind of,

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those checkpoints for you. Now during the release, my body is going to continue rotating as my arm is

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extend. So this follow through position is going to be basically the end of my swing or when my arms

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have reached their kind of furthest point away from me. So the push ball drill is literally

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practicing going from those two movements. So I'm going to get in my set of position.

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Then I'm going to rotate to impact and now from impact, I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to

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extend my arms and kind of push or throw the ball. You'll feel or you'll see that the clubs

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stays low to the ground as my arms extend. Now this is a nine iron. The more loft you have,

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the harder it's going to be. But one other little key to this is you have to make sure that the club

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is actually in contact with the golf ball when you go to push. Otherwise when you go to push,

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let's say I'm back here. When I go to push, the ball will just kind of slide up the face. So that

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is an exaggeration. The other thing that this catches is if I try to use just my hands to release

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the club. So if I'm in this good impact position and I just kind of use my hands, you'll see

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that the ball just slides up the face. So push ball drill is a great drill from going from set up

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position to impact position and then you can train it with little nine to three and moving on to

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full swings.

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