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Myview - Driver Vs Iron

Tags: Iron, Driver, Drill, Intermediate, Beginner

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This my view is looking at the difference between the driver and the iron.

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So, I've got my driver and my seven iron.

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I've got my little visual impact station.

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So, visual impact station, I basically have my target line perpendicular and roughly about

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middle or where I'm going to start my stance position.

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Then we got a line about 45 and 45.

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So, if I was to get into setup position with my seven iron, there you can see the body position just

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like so.

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Now, if I was to go through kind of a slow motion swing, you'll see that my upper body kind of

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stays on top of it and that release is going much more down into the ground than it is

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out towards the target.

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Now, if I was to do the same thing with the driver.

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So, be together small step, big step, foot turn out.

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So, now, if I was to go up towards the top of the swing, come one down nice and slow.

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You can see that my upper body from my perspective feels like it's more over my right

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foot and looks well behind the ball even though it's coming in.

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So, my release position and direction is going to be much more out towards the target than

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with the iron down towards the ground.

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Even though I'm making roughly the same hand motions, the biggest difference is going to be the

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location where my upper body or how this axis still has affected where my release is going to be.

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So, hopefully that helps you see how subtle it looks from the third person point of view

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but how drastically different it looks from that first person point of view.

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And if you're struggling with either your driver or the iron's because of this axis

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till hopefully this gives you a good view of what you should see.

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Thank you.

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