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Myview - Deconstruct The Motorcycle

What the motorcycle looks like through my eyes.

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Tags: Not Straight Enough, Cast, Draw vs Fade, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This my view is deconstructing the motorcycle.

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So I had a couple questions or feedback from the

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handpath and looking at this transition or looking at this motorcycle move.

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So I want to do a video where we can see exactly what this motorcycle movement is doing.

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So let's take a step back and talk about why this motorcycle happens.

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Or I guess the fact that you already know that this motorcycle happens.

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So if I ask most of my students where should your left hand be on

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at setup, most of them will say that this view should be pointing over here.

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And I should have two and a half knuckles, three knuckles visible in my left hand.

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It's kind of a neutral grip and if I did so, I'm going to have about 25 degrees of extension in this lead wrist.

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Now the next question I'll ask is, okay, so what should it be like an impact?

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And I'll say, oh, that left wrist should be flat.

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So the motorcycle movement is basically working on the timing of when do I do this?

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So the motorcycle movement, yes, it adjusts the club face,

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but there are other things that can adjust the club face as well.

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So while not everyone is going to make the same motorcycle movement and have the club look like it's in the exact same position,

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there are some trends that we can see.

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When you look at mine, it's not going to look quite as close as you may expect it to,

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and I'll show you a couple of reasons why.

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So if I go to here and then I do that motorcycle movement and I come down,

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you can see that that club is virtually straight up and down.

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Now there are numerous things that I can do to adjust the location or adjust the position of that club face.

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One, if I were to have my arms more on my side and my hands down kind of like so,

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you can see the same amount of motorcycle as close the face even more.

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So because I have fairly flexible shoulders and I'm able to get my arms in front of my chest to go to mount,

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that's going to delay the effect of the motorcycle movement or the closing of the club face.

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Secondly, during the full swing, I'm going to compress against the ground and my upper body is going to get closer to the golf ball.

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The more that it tends to stand up, the less that that club face is going to get close.

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So while I'm demonstrating this movement at kind of less than full speed,

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I'm not going to have quite as dramatic a load against the ground,

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and as a result, the club face is not going to look like it's quite as close.

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So the third piece would be this location of my shoulders.

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So here I've got my motorcycle movement, so my left wrist is just pass vertical,

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and the club face is pretty much vertical.

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Now from here, if I was to raise my arms up, you could see that that would have a little bit more open club face.

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If I was to straighten my arms or bring them more down, even though they're still in front of my golf,

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my body, that's going to close the club face more.

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So if you are used to doing kind of a casting motion where you're getting the arms away from you and kind of more vertical,

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what you'll see is when you start applying this motorcycle movement,

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the club face is going to look very shut like so.

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As you work on getting more and more of the power coming from the core, and delaying this extension of this right arm,

00:03:15,000 --> 00:03:20,000
that's going to delay the effect that the wrist is having on the club face.

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So there's other factors to where the club face is, besides the motorcycle movement,

00:03:25,000 --> 00:03:29,000
but without doing the motorcycle movement from either the lead wrist or the trail wrist,

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it makes it very hard to sequence your body, have side bend, and have the proper sequencing,

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that helps produce kind of the tour impact conditions that you're striving for.

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So if I were to make those same movements, so I'll bring this over here.

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So if I were to make those same movements and those same adjustments, so there's my motorcycle, right?

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Now if my arms are in front kind of like so, you'll see that club face for me is roughly vertical.

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If I was to straighten my right arm, you can see that that closes the club face.

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If I was to bend more forward, that closes it even more.

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If I were to stand up or release, then that opens it more.

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So all of these different movements are going to adjust how much that club face is closed on video,

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but I'm looking at how those club face or how those movements are in relationship to the body.

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That'll give you a little bit clearer indication of how you're controlling the path,

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and controlling the face all the way down to contact.

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