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Loss Of Posture Overview

Many golfers have been told to keep "there head down" by well meaning golfers.  This video explains how raising your head in the backswing can be missinterpreted and how the solution to keep your head down will rarely fix it.  The cause of loss of posture in the backswing is either

  • The upper body raising in the backswing
  • Not enough left side bend during the backswing

Reasons for loss of posture in the backswing

Lack of side bend- As with all of the patterns we are discussing, there are a variety of reasons why a person will gravitate toward a certain pattern. Loss of posture is simply a change in elevation or posture during the backswing. This gives the impression of “standing up”, but “standing up” is really a lack of what is called side bend. Many golfers have been told to rotate their spine, but neglect the direction the shoulders should point in a proper back swing pivot.

Lack of arm rotation- If you remember from the backswing portion, the second half of the swing involves some standing up as the arms rotate into position, fequently, players will not side bend because it means that they don’t have to rotate their forearms as much and it puts less stress on their upper back.

Grip- A second common reason to stand up is when the grip is too much in the palm and you can’t hinge or set your wrists.

Power- if your idea for creating speed in the downswing is based around a crunch and chop movement, then I can make the case that standing up in the backswing will help make that more effective.  If you want to change your loss of posture in the backswing, you need to work on the way you power the swing in the downswing.

To learn more about the proper movements of the backswing, please check out the backswing section in the stock swing program.

Playlists: Stop Standing Up In Your Backswing, STS - Faults and Fixes

Tags: Standing Up, Concept, Beginner

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