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Jack Nicklaus - Can't Release Too Soon

Jack Nicklaus once said, "you can't release too early on the downswing." Golf instructors use that quote to support many different swing styles. There is a key second part of that quote often omitted, and without the second part of the quote, the meaning is completely changed. What Jack said was, "you can't release too early on the downswing, as long as you move into your leftside and swing the club from inside the target line". 

Also, when you analyze Jack's own swing, you will see that he has a great shallowing move (he needs it with a "flying elbow"). While he describes an idea that sounds like you can just throw the club from the top, he clearly demonstrates a "falling" or "waiting" move in transition. Perhaps his brain registers the start of the downswing at delivery position as opposed to the top of the swing?

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