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Isolated Arms or Body Backswing

You can break down any part of the swing into two sections: what is the body doing and what are the arms doing? This video simplifies the backswing into two key movements. Most backswing tips revolve around a body driven movement and arm path control. This video helps you see how to practice each of those in a simple way.

Tags: Standing Up, Backswing, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is isolating the arms or the body in the backswing.

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So I like to unify a lot of the thoughts and take some of the things that are a little

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bit more complicated and try to simple it into one or two things.

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Now those one or two things are going to be different for each individual person.

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With the backswing, you've heard lots and lots of different descriptions, whether it's

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one piece, take away, slow and inside, load into the right side, hold the tray at the top

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of the swing, there's lots of different little keys that people have had to unify their backswing.

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There are really only two major things that you need to do with the backswing.

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One is to load up with your pivot, or to get your body in position for the downswing, whether

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you feel it as a load or a coil or a stretch.

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That doesn't really matter.

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It's more of, you're going to use this pivot to get your body in position and then you're

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going to use your arms to get them in position for what you want to do during transition.

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So the body is very simple.

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I tend to use the idea of the backswing shoulder plane, so club across the shoulders, trying

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to stay a little bit more centered, but basically creating a relationship where I've stretched

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and created some tension in my hips and my core and my shoulders.

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I'm on a good pivot or good position so that I could then push through that lead foot.

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So if I got to level, now I can't really push with that lead foot, I'd basically be

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only able to pull down with my arms.

00:01:33,000 --> 00:01:40,000
If I shift too much off the ball, if I push with this foot, I tend to push more up.

00:01:40,000 --> 00:01:46,000
So it kind of lends itself to, alright, you've got to stay a little bit more pivot or

00:01:46,000 --> 00:01:51,000
centered, and you have to have a little bit of this shoulder tilt in order to really

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load into those hips and core muscles.

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That one, you know, using your body to move the club in the backswing or working on your

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pivot, that one's pretty easy.

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The second piece would be working on the backswing.

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So what should the arms do in relationship just to the sternum?

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If I don't move my body, if I don't move my, everything but my shoulder blades and my arms,

00:02:15,000 --> 00:02:18,000
then what would the backswing look like?

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It's pretty simple if we break it down that way.

00:02:21,000 --> 00:02:25,000
All end up happening is this right arm is going to fold.

00:02:25,000 --> 00:02:27,000
This left arm is going to rotate slightly.

00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:30,000
That right wrist is going to extend and hinge.

00:02:30,000 --> 00:02:33,000
So I'm just going to look like this.

00:02:33,000 --> 00:02:40,000
All the backswing problems where everything gets looking like is way out of position is usually

00:02:40,000 --> 00:02:46,000
a relationship between these two different pieces, either just the arms, not doing something

00:02:46,000 --> 00:02:47,000
like this.

00:02:47,000 --> 00:02:51,000
They're doing more of a movement across my body, kind of like that, not a whole lot of

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:54,000

00:02:54,000 --> 00:03:01,000
Maybe they're doing a movement where I tend to really hinge and cup kind of like this,

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and they might even be rotating the opposite direction.

00:03:03,000 --> 00:03:07,000
Or as I already talked about, there's some body problems you could have.

00:03:07,000 --> 00:03:11,000
But compared to the sternum, the arm movements are going to be pretty simple like this.

00:03:11,000 --> 00:03:18,000
So once you've isolated the two, it can be very helpful to practice making one or the

00:03:18,000 --> 00:03:20,000
other fixed.

00:03:20,000 --> 00:03:25,000
So I'm going to preset one or the other and then I'm going to work on matching up so

00:03:25,000 --> 00:03:27,000
that the two have kind of meet in the middle.

00:03:27,000 --> 00:03:29,000
I'll show you what I mean by that.

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:33,000
So if I do the arm movement actually, I can face you.

00:03:33,000 --> 00:03:34,000
That's fine.

00:03:34,000 --> 00:03:37,000
So if I do the arm movement, it looks pretty much like this.

00:03:37,000 --> 00:03:42,000
So now if I lock my arms in place and then I get down into my golf posture and I make my

00:03:42,000 --> 00:03:46,000
backswing pivot, there I am at the top of my swing.

00:03:46,000 --> 00:03:49,000
So now, there we go.

00:03:49,000 --> 00:03:54,000
If I lock my arms in place, that right there's a little bit of rotation, a little bit

00:03:54,000 --> 00:03:55,000
of reset.

00:03:55,000 --> 00:04:00,000
Now if I get down into my golf posture and then I make my backswing pivot, that pretty

00:04:00,000 --> 00:04:03,000
much should match up.

00:04:03,000 --> 00:04:08,000
Next I'm going to do the harder one, which I'm going to preset the backswing pivot.

00:04:08,000 --> 00:04:14,000
So I'm going to preset kind of this movement and now I'm going to try, okay, there's

00:04:14,000 --> 00:04:20,000
my arms straight in front of my chest and now I'm going to make that arm movement.

00:04:20,000 --> 00:04:21,000
There we go.

00:04:21,000 --> 00:04:29,000
And now those two should pretty much match up to what I tried to do, both with what my

00:04:29,000 --> 00:04:31,000
arms do as well as what my body does.

00:04:31,000 --> 00:04:35,000
If you struggle with one piece or the other, don't worry, we've got drills that can help

00:04:35,000 --> 00:04:39,000
you feel whether it's loading into the foot, loading into the hip, creating the spine

00:04:39,000 --> 00:04:46,000
rotation, anything for the pivot or if you've got your arm path getting out of position,

00:04:46,000 --> 00:04:50,000
either breaking down the elbows, over setting the wrists, getting more around your body

00:04:50,000 --> 00:04:51,000
or stuck behind.

00:04:51,000 --> 00:04:54,000
You can really simplify it to one of two things.

00:04:54,000 --> 00:04:58,000
Either the arms are not working correctly compared to the chest, that's your reference,

00:04:58,000 --> 00:05:02,000
or the body is not pivoting correctly compared to the golf ball or your feet.

00:05:02,000 --> 00:05:05,000
Once you figure out which one of those two, you can try a number of different options

00:05:05,000 --> 00:05:10,000
if you're out what's most comfortable for you to be unifying your individual thought

00:05:10,000 --> 00:05:11,000
into those general concepts.

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