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Impact With Two Tees

Place two tees on the ground about 4 inches apart with the back tee in your normal ball position. Work on 9 to 3, or even full swings where you strike the first tee AND the second tee. This will force you to have a downward blow as well as a shallow angle of attack (AoA). If your path is too steep, then you will have a hard time hitting the second tee without taking a massive divot.

Tags: Impact, Beginner

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The drill is impact with two T's. So basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to take two T's

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and put the golf ball on one when I'm actually hitting, but I'm going to put them about four to six inches apart.

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This is a classic drill that a golf digest did a great study on it and for helping, especially pure beginners,

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this is a great drill regardless of what your swing style is. But I find that it can be helpful for golfers who've lost that feeling

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of good solid impact of just kind of retool the focus that we're trying to get. Basically what it does is it

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forces a shallow angle of attack. So I'm going to take some half swings and I'm going to try to make

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contact just clipping the first T and then clipping the second T in one movement.

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So I'm going to try and take this little half swing, clipping both T's kind of just like so.

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What you'll find especially if you then add the golf ball to the first T is that if you were to try and basically pick the golf ball,

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you'll have no chance of hitting the second T. So it encourages you to let those arms extend

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and to continue letting the club work downward through contact. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to

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prevent my body from rotating which actually pulls the handle up because if I were to prevent my arms from swinging,

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what'll happen is I will hit very, very steep and I still won't be able to hit that second T.

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So this is just one of those good universal drills that gets you focused on what the club is doing with the ball,

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and ultimately can help you when you're feeling a little bit too mechanical while you're working on your impact.

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So I'm going to practice that good impact position and then I'm going to do a little nine

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to three. You can see that I clipped both T is on that shot. So that's the classic two-cheat drill

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working in the nine to three movement to help you work on your impact conditions.

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