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How To Structure A Practice Session

Structuring a practice sessionis can be the difference between making progress on the course and having the dreaded scenario of not having your range game transfer to the course.  In order to get your game to transfer you have to challenge your swing's motor program to different challenges.

Normally, a golf coach will help you design your practice session, but if you are coaching yourself then you have to do it.  In order to plan a solid golf practice session, you need to vary through different kinds of practice.  There are largely 3 types of practice you can do on the driving range. They are:

  • Blocked Practice
  • Random Practice
  • Games

Each one has it's own strength and weakness. In this video, you will learn how to organize your practice session based on the benefits of each style of practice. Most golfers ONLY do blocked practice, and when they do this get into a "groove" of good shots.  This feels good, but isn't helpful for your long term progress. Even though it can feel more challenging and frustrating, if you want to really own a game that works on the golf course then random and games need to be a large part of your practice. Do not try and perfect your swing in one practice session, this is why you have a roadmap. Get it as solid as you can in a single round of blocked practice, and then test it with random practice and games.

Playlists: Practice Strategies

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