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Hitting The Ball Solidly

Our goal with every club is to make “solid” contact with the golf ball, or as close to that as we can. The sweet spot is somewhere low on the face (roughly around the 4th groove on most irons), so the only way to get that part of the club to strike the ball on the fairway is to have the bottom of the swing just perfect, or to have the shaft leaning forward when you make contact with the ball. Here is a demo of how the shaft leaning forward gets the sweetspot on the ball and why the only way to do it otherwise is to have the ball elevated.

Another interesting correlation is between divot location and the golf ball and how it relates to handicap. In the Impact Zone, by Bobby Clampet, he discusses a correlation between low point location and handicap. Basically, the more skilled the golfer, the further forward the bottom of their swing was with an iron. This puts the sweet spot on the ball, and helps create consistent contact.  In order to do this, you need to have a shallow angle of attack, and you need to have your arms extending through impact.  This is how you take a perfect divot and get maximum distance for each shot.

There are some common factors for controlling the low point of the golf swing and they are:

  • Location of sternum
  • Straightness of arms
  • Position of shoulders
  • Angle of wristt

To learn more about these movements, please explore the impact section, the follow through section, and the release section

Playlists: Start Here, Get More Distance

Tags: Fundamentals, Beginner

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