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Heel & Toe Side Face Training

There are (3) primary skills that I often discuss when teaching:

  1. Sequencing or power creation.
  2. Controlling path - low point & swing direction.
  3. Controlling the face-to-path relationship

When working on skill #3, this is usually the first drill I will use with a student. The key here is that most golfers can feel the weight of the club relative to the path and not the target. We can use this to our advantage though and really key into the feel of having the heel or toe leading into impact; we can also work on a "photo finish", or what it feels like to have a face that is completely square to the path. Overall, by gaining an awareness for these different face orientations (relative to the path), we can start to control ball flight and bring a more fluid and adaptable swing to the course. 

Playlists: Practice Strategies, Understand Your Swing Plane/Path

Tags: Draw vs Fade, Practice Strategies, Drill, Advanced

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