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Low to High - Under The Shaft

Take a shaft and place it in the ground so that it is just above where your hands are, when you swing through, try and get your hands as low as you can through impact. Standing up will cause your wrists to unhinge and get your hands high.

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Tags: Early Extension, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is using a golf shaft. It's called Get Under the Shafs. It's for early

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standards to learn how to get your hands a little bit lower, which will happen

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if your chest stays close to the ground and your hips don't come forward. So

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what you do is you take a shaft and you place it at about the same angle that

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your club would be lying at. But you're going to put it about six to eight inches

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back on the target line and about four inches forward. That just gives you a

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little bit of room for your hands to work underneath. Now this particular

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shaft doesn't have a grip on it. I recommend if you're going to do this be safe

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and you can put a swim noodle or some type of padding around just in case. Or

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make sure that it's far enough down that your hands won't make contact with it.

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If my club hits the shaft, it's not going to be too big of a deal because I'm not

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going to be swinging really hard. This is more of a visual awareness drill, especially

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for you visual learners. So what happens in early extension is as my lower body

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drift forward, my upper body tends to back up and that will cause my hands to come

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in very high and you can see that I pretty much almost hit this shaft every

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single time. On the other hand, if my pelvis actually drops down, my chest is

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pointed more towards the golf ball, I'm going to have plenty of room for the club

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and for my hands to swing through. So again, the shaft is going to be at about the

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same line angle as your club, about six to eight inches back and about three to four

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inches forward. And it's more of just a visual to give you kind of the spatial

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awareness so that you can start imagining the path that the club needs to travel,

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which will help you overcome your early extension.

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