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Follow Through Bracing With A Golf Cart

Learning to brace and stabilize the lower body is a big piece to creating the proper hand path. When you are at the course, you can turn on the feeling in your lead glutes and abs by anchoring the club on the golf cart. This can help the brain feel or see what the proper body alignments should be for your body to feel strong at impact.

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Follow Through, Release, Intermediate

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The drill is follow through bracing with the golf cart. So in the follow through

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bracing I give you a way that you can practice at home by hooking on to a chair

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hooking onto a couch and kind of feeling the power in your core and in your legs

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we're going to use the golf cart to replicate that. So you're going to take

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your golf club and you're going to turn the club 90 degrees just like so

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so that I've got something good to kind of hook with. I'm going to hook right

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here for demonstration purposes but usually kind of on the underside of the

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bumper is one of the best places to hook. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to

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get into my golf posture just like so and I'm going to go towards follow through

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position. Now for an iron that follow through position is going to be a little

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bit more down that way. For a driver it would almost be horizontal or out

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towards the target like so. So I've got an iron here so I'm going to hook in and

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then I'm just going to inch myself away just slightly so that I have a little bit

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attention here. Now I'm going to turn myself towards impact and I'm going to try

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and feel my butt squeeze, my core squeeze and like all the resistance of me kind of

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pulling and holding onto this is coming from my core. Then I'm going to step

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slightly away from the golf cart and I'm going to try to get that seam

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feeling of my hips and my core bracing for the club pulling. So I'm in a really

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strong stable position when I finish my release. So this is a great way to

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activate the muscles that will help stabilize the swing and for a lot of

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golfers I've worked with this helps the swing feel more athletic. If you have a

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buddy you can have them pull on the club and it can replicate this on the

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range even better. Where basically you would go from your impact position to that

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follow through position and then you'll basically just have someone try and pull

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the club away and they'll gently pull it away and you'll be able to brace in

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your hip and your core. If you have kind of slid and buckled so if you've kind

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of done this and they go to pull they will pull you over. If you have early

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extended they will pull you forward. It's a great way to just test and see if

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your body is in a stable position. Even if I'm kind of jumping up I can still

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be in the stable position of energy transfer which is a great place to be in

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when you finish your release. So it really helps you dial in that follow through

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position and what muscles are going to help you get there. Hold it for about

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five seconds to activate the muscles and then take some swings either nine to three

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or full stock swings trying to replicate that same feeling.

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