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Flat Spot Examples - A Key To Consistent Golf

In this analysis video, we take a look at the practical application of the flat spot concept. You will learn how to use video to look at the path of the club during the impact zone and how that will relate to the flat spot and contact consistency. We want to have a gentle movement upward and inward as the club grip continues to move away from the body. To do this, we want to have the lower body ahead of the upper body and the body rotated and side bent. For that to happen, the arm shallowing during transition and the motorcycle are key as well. Hopefully, this video helps you see how the different pieces of the downswing fit together in one motion by painting the big picture of what you want the club to do as you hit the ball.

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension, Fix Your Hook

Tags: Fundamentals, Not Enough Distance, Early Extension, Analysis, Concept, Intermediate

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