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Feeling The Arm Shallow Timing

This drill helps you feel the trail arm shallow because of the movement of the body instead of a pull of the arms. You'll feel the arms shallow from rotation of the shoulder instead of dropping the arms. With practice, you can coordinate the movement to occur from the drive of the body, freeing you up to use your body as a power source while avoiding a steep path.

Tags: Poor Contact, Early Extension, Driver, Fairway Wood, Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is feeling the rhythm of the arm shallowing.

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Many golfers struggle with the arm shallowing movement and so they're forced to do

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a steeper arm movement and couple that with a more of a cast pattern.

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But that can be a problem when you get into the longer clubs or when you're trying

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to really create body speed.

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So this drill is to help you feel the rhythm of the arm shallowing because it's

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very common that many golfers tend to force the feeling or force the movements of the

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arm shallowing when they're trying to learn it and the club face gets out of position

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and it kind of results in a poor contact, difficult learning environment.

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So what I'll show you in this video is how to feel the rhythm of it with the arms.

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We're going to start with the trail arm.

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So what you're going to do is you're going to take your normal grip and then take your

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lead hand or left hand off the club.

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So now I'm going to hold the club straight up and down.

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This is kind of that unweighted feeling of the club at the top of the swing.

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And then what I'm going to do is I'm just going to let the club fall and I'm just going

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to catch it and let it bounce back up to vertical.

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So this is a little bit like the first half of the Zoro loop and it'll reinforce a couple

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A, it'll give you that feeling of the muscles of the forearm and the shoulder really

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catching the club and B. It'll reinforce that you have a decent grip with the club in

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your fingers because if you put the club more in your palm, you'll feel it's pretty tough

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on your forearm in order to just bounce it where if it's in the fingers, I'm going to have

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a much more easy job catching the club with basically these knuckles right here.

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So I'm just going to do a few more kind of like that and then I can put my lead hand on

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but I'm going to keep it very relaxed and basically let the lead hand feel that shallowing

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movement happen all at once.

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So the lead hand's not really helping it enforcing it, it's just kind of sensing it.

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One of what you can do is you can coordinate it with the body movement during transition.

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So now I've got the club straight up and down and I'm going to add a little bit of body

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rotation in order to create or to trigger the falling of the club.

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So it's unweighted and then as my body starts to rotate that pulls my hand out from underneath

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it and I just kind of feel the club fall.

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Again I can do that one hand or I can do that two hands and then the last version that I like

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is adding a little bit of the face rotation.

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So as I've been doing this you'll see the first version.

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The club is staying facing the sky where it's staying perpendicular to the path.

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Now in this last version as it drops I'm going to try to let the club face close just a bit.

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And you'll feel or at least I feel that now the hand is in a weaker position to catch it

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because now it's going through the fingers instead of through the knuckles.

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So I'll be able to catch it more in the shoulder than in the fingers.

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Again I can now add that left arm just like so and I'm feeling that falling coordinated

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with my body pivot.

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Now I'm going to do it in golf posture.

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So when I coordinate it with that body pivot you'll see that it doesn't look exaggerated.

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In fact the more that I add body pivot to it the more it looks like the club is just falling

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into place but the sensation I get is very similar to what we're experiencing with that.

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Once you have a good feeling you can then blend it into the zoro loop so that as it gets to the

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bottom of it you're basically going to then just straighten those arms and let it release.

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So I'm going to feel that shallowing coordinated now add the club face and then swing through.

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Once you have a decent feeling you can either do these in pump style or you can go ahead and

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place the ball down and take that feeling and try it with the ball there.

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So it'll look something like this.

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So if you're struggling with getting your arms to shallow this can give you the sensation of them

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kind of falling into the shallow movement and loading the release movement that's going to happen

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at the end of that arm shallow.

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