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Don't Spin The Shoulders - Driver

This is a tip that has been used, with success, for a long time. When the upper body spins too soon, it causes the club to get outside, and cause a steep angle of attack. A feeling of keeping the left shoulder closed and the back to the target will help keep the club swinging more in to out.

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Tags: Not Enough Distance, Cast, Driver, Transition, Drill, Beginner

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The drill is don't spin the shoulders for the driver.

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So the, the don't spin the shoulders concept is basically making sure that you're starting

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your swing with your legs and your pelvis and your lower body.

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Spinning your shoulders can be okay with wedges, like distance wedges it can be okay.

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Fines wedges may be even up to about an eight iron, but when you start getting into the longer

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clubs, spinning with the upper body is going to give you major angle of attack issues.

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So spinning with the upper body is basically you get to the top of the swing and then straight

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from here you're going to see that left shoulder kind of get open, you get on top of the

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ball and kind of get square to the target.

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It's easiest to see from down the line.

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So if you're looking at your video and you see your shoulders kind of do this, that is spinning

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the shoulders and you can see what that does to the pad.

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It makes it impossible for me to use really good motorcycle movements.

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It makes it really challenging to hit something that has little loft as the driver.

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So don't just spin the shoulders is basically practicing that Jackson five in that transition

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movement while your chest feels like it's facing away from the target until your arms

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about parallel to the ground and then spinning through.

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So it's not that I never want your upper body to rotate is that if you do it too soon,

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your path is going to be too far outside to in, you're going to be too steep and you're

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going to struggle a lot with your driver.

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So if you're struggling with having a big fade hitting the ground actually taking

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divots with the driver, there's a very good chance that you're spinning your shoulders

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and you want to make sure that they stay closed just during a little bit longer during

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transition before you let them rotate a lot during the release.

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