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Delivery Position Drill

Delivery position This is a checkpoint that you see in virtually every great ball striker. At delivery position, you want your arms to be in the following positions.

  • Right elbow in at your side or in front of your body
  • Right forearm facing the sky
  • Right wrist extended and facing away from you
  • Left forearm facing the floor
  • Left wrist flat or bowed (flexed)

Delivery position is the checkpoint for the arms before they go into the release. They will FALL passively into this position during transition.

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Tags: Transition, Drill, Intermediate

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This drill is the delivery position drill and it's more of a concept drill so as you see instead of having a golf club

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I've got our trustee remote control so that you can practice when you're watching the Haney project

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You're gonna hold on to the golf club or the remote essentially like it's a golf club

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Okay, so if you recall the steps in the grip drill

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Obviously it's bigger than the grip and we're not really focused on it, but try to get it as close to your normal grip as possible

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So from here what we're gonna do is you're gonna have the

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The golf club or the remote straight up in front of you and then you're gonna practice putting your right elbow towards your side

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Letting your hands rotate or your arms rotate and getting the remote control facing away from you

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So we're just gonna practice going from here to here

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Just like so that movement is

00:00:53,000 --> 00:01:00,000
Essentially an exaggeration of what will happen as I go in transition if you see if I were to stand up

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This is that delivery position or shop put position that we're gonna try to get into

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This sets you up for really good release

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Where what we typically see with most amateurs is the arms are going to extend like so so that would look like this

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You can see how from here I still haven't released a lot of my power so it saves it for when I do the release phase

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When it's gone out more like this I've pretty much used up everything that's in my arms and then I have to use all the big muscles in my body

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To square the club face so to get over that habit and work on this really good transition of the bump and the delivery position

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You're gonna practice with the TV remote

00:01:44,000 --> 00:01:50,000
Elbow towards your side just like so so elbows going right towards your right hip hands are rotating away just like this

00:01:51,000 --> 00:01:53,000
I'll show it from this view a couple times

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So you can see from this view I want you to see how this left wrist is getting a little bit of a bow in it because at this point in the swing

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That left wrist will be bowing in order to square the club face if you remember from the concept video

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The trail arm or the delivery position drill you can use the TV remote a sharpie anything that's lying around

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Try to get a few reps in while you're working this phase during each commercial break and it'll really help it translate into the transition move during your swing

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