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Delivery And Go - FO and DTL View

This is one of my absolute favorite drills for working on the downswing. It allows you to preset a nearly perfect transition.  Since most golfers make errors in transition, getting into a great delivery position will feel uncomfortable.  You might even have trouble making contact from this loaded position.  But with repetitions, this drill can really help you overcome common release problems like flipping the club and standing up (early extension).

One of the common uncomfortable feels and visuals for golfers is to have to do with your upper body being closer to the ground than where it started. For your upper body to be closer to the ground and you to not hit the ball fat you would have to have your arms work more across your body, the clubface more closed with the motorcycle move, and the body more side bent and rotated through impact.  That combination helps create a good long flat spot and this drill can be a great way to overcome some of the positional and visual fears.  The only thing left is the changes in rhythm that accompany any swing change.

How to do it

Start by standing up and getting into a good arm delivery position.  The trail arm across your chest and bent, the lead arm rotated palm down and the lead wrist flexed.  Then, get into golf posture and do the merry go round with the body.  Without backing your arms up too much, swing through to follow through position.

For more details on the supporting movements, check out the movements and drills in the release.

Playlists: Fix Your Early Extension, Fix Your Hook

Tags: Early Extension, Transition, Release, Drill, Intermediate

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The drill is delivery and go. Now delivery and go builds on the delivery position drill.

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So if you're unfamiliar with delivery position, please watch that drill first.

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Delivery and go takes the delivery position and blends it into the release.

00:00:15,000 --> 00:00:20,000
It's one of my favorite drills for helping work on early extension or having your arms

00:00:20,000 --> 00:00:25,000
too straight too soon in the downswing or during the release.

00:00:25,000 --> 00:00:30,000
So if you have the tendency to either stand up or get your arms to release more behind

00:00:30,000 --> 00:00:34,000
your body like so, delivering go could be the best drill for you.

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To execute delivering go, you're basically going to get into that good delivery position

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and then you're going to bend forward past your setup position.

00:00:43,000 --> 00:00:47,000
So if my normal setup position is kind of right about here, I'm probably going to get an

00:00:47,000 --> 00:00:49,000
inch or two closer to the golf ball.

00:00:49,000 --> 00:00:53,000
So you go here, down to that good inch or two closer to the golf ball.

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Now from here, I'm going to try to make solid contact with the golf ball without taking

00:00:58,000 --> 00:01:00,000
any backswing.

00:01:00,000 --> 00:01:04,000
Because what happens is if you take a backswing, that's going to give me some slack and

00:01:04,000 --> 00:01:07,000
some area for me to release my hands early.

00:01:07,000 --> 00:01:12,000
So if I get in this good delivery position with my hands just about even with the golf

00:01:12,000 --> 00:01:18,000
ball, then from here, I'm going to extend my arms, but allow my body to have my arms

00:01:18,000 --> 00:01:22,000
while they're extending, working slightly in.

00:01:22,000 --> 00:01:31,000
So from the down the line view, it ends up looking something like that.

00:01:31,000 --> 00:01:34,000
From the face on view, we'll show each.

00:01:34,000 --> 00:01:39,000
I'm going to get into my good delivery position just like so.

00:01:39,000 --> 00:01:45,000
And then from here, I'm going to extend my arms as my body turns through the shot.

00:01:45,000 --> 00:01:49,000
I'm also going to have a little bit of this push from the lead leg to try to get my upper

00:01:49,000 --> 00:01:54,000
body to stabilize or to brace.

00:01:54,000 --> 00:01:58,000
If you're unfamiliar with that, feel free to watch the follow through a bracing video.

00:01:58,000 --> 00:02:04,000
But this delivery and go is one of my favorite combination drills for working on the overall

00:02:04,000 --> 00:02:09,000
kind of position and feelings of where your body is going to be at the time when your

00:02:09,000 --> 00:02:11,000
arms release.

00:02:11,000 --> 00:02:16,000
The common mistakes that I see are you're going to get in this position and then you're

00:02:16,000 --> 00:02:20,000
going to swing back and release early just like so.

00:02:20,000 --> 00:02:24,000
Or you're going to get in this position and you're not going to let your arms work

00:02:24,000 --> 00:02:27,000
kind of in and left or in and up.

00:02:27,000 --> 00:02:30,000
What you're going to end up doing is you're just going to continue your arms going down

00:02:30,000 --> 00:02:34,000
and you'll end up hitting really fat, really steep shots.

00:02:34,000 --> 00:02:41,000
So what delivery and go does is by forcing you to be closer to the golf ball with your

00:02:41,000 --> 00:02:48,000
hands even with the golf ball, it forces you to learn the proper hand path so that you

00:02:48,000 --> 00:02:51,000
can extend your arms and not slam the club into the ground.

00:02:51,000 --> 00:02:55,000
It's one of my favorite drills for overcoming a lot of issues.

00:02:55,000 --> 00:02:59,000
If you're working on finding the right position for your impact and how your arms are going

00:02:59,000 --> 00:03:02,000
to work through the release, I recommend this drill.

00:03:05,000 --> 00:03:13,000
So stand up delivery position, bend forward from here release.

00:03:13,000 --> 00:03:18,000
So stand up delivery position, bend forward release.

00:03:18,000 --> 00:03:26,000
Let me show one that's not good.

00:03:26,000 --> 00:03:29,000
So here and then my arms continue down.

00:03:29,000 --> 00:03:31,000
You'll hear that I hit that fat.

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