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Club Height To Hand Height

I recently received a question related to shallowing in transition. Specifically, I was asked what angle or amount of club shallowing is ideal? Before we move on to the answer though, it is good to clarify what we mean by "shallowing". To be exact, shallowing occurs when the club's center of mass drops below the golfer's hand path. Or in layman's terms, it is when the height of the clubhead drops relative to the height of our hands. This move is a hallmark of great ball-strikers, with one notable study by Dr. Sasho MacKenzie showing that 39 out of 40 touring professionals exhibit some amount of shallowing in transition. As many amateurs tend to pull with the arms and become very steep, this move can be a "missing piece" for a lot of my students.

Now, to answer our question, there is not one ideal amount or angle for shallowing. Or in other words, we want to simply make sure that some shallowing IS occuring in transition. However, for those who want a goal in mind, a rough guideline would be the clubshaft pointing at the target line half-way down. But, this may be different for you depending on your body-type and swing-style, so it is best to not worry about an exact or "ideal" amount.

Playlists: Keys To Transition, Train Your Release

Tags: Fundamentals, Transition, Release, Concept

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